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General Questions

Q: I am not affiliated with a Global Brigades Chapter. Can I still support Cafe Holistico?

Absolutely! If you'd like to support by purchasing Cafe Holistico coffee, you can purchase Cafe Holistico coffee from a Global Brigades chapter that is selling Cafe Holistico coffee to fundraise for their volunteer trip. 


Subscription Questions

Q: I have a question about my subscription to Cafe Holistico, who do I contact?

As of April 2016, Cafe Holistico is no longer offering new coffee subscriptions, but is still fulfilling any past subscriptions. All coffee subscriptions are managed by our supply partner, Vega Coffee. Please contact


Wholesale Partner Questions

Q: Are there minimum orders for wholesalers when purchasing 5lb or 12oz coffee bags?

Yes, for approved wholesale partners, the minimum order size for the 5lb bags is 3 bags and the minimum order size for the 12oz bags is 40 bags.  


Q: How do I place my wholesale coffee order?

Contact your group's administractor to get instructions on how your group is ordering wholesale from Cafe Holistico or visit the Buy Coffee page to order. 


Q: Can I collect pre-orders?

Yes! We actually recommend it for groups utilizing their wholesale coffee orders as a fundraiser. Having presale orders from supporters gurantees that you won't have leftover coffee after you've made your bulk order.


Q: I want to setup a pop-up coffee shop to sell coffee. Do you provide any supporting materials?
Cafe Holistico has a table-top marketing display available to wholesale partners. For Global Brigades chapters, you can receive one free display per chapter when you order the 5lb bags (while supplies last). This display can be added to your online purchase. For all other wholesale partners, please email to learn more about the marketing displays.


Q: I have a question about my order, who do I contact?

If you're a wholsale partner, please contact


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