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Through our subscription program with Vega Coffee, volunteers, alumni, family, and friends can sign up online for a monthly or bi-monthly subscription to have Holístico coffee delivered right to their door. The coffee is $17.50 per 12oz bag (includes shipping). Volunteers will be credited a recurring $5 per bag for each bag (it adds up fast!). Both Chapters and individual volunteers can sell subscriptions by signing up as a Cafe Holistico ambassador and getting their own unique referral link.

Here is how to get started

1. Visit to become a Cafe Holistico ambassador. 

2. Share your personalized referral link with friends and family via email and social media.

3. Watch the funds accumulate in your account.

4. Connect your ambassador account to your chapter or personal account using Dwolla.

5. Donate funds toward your chapter, volunteer trip, or the holistic development fund. 



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